Let’s celebrate…

International Podcast Day

2 min readSep 30, 2022

It’s September 30th: That means, the global podcast community is celebrating International Podcast Day again. SQINx Talks has been fresh on the scene for a month now.

The term podcast is made up of the words “broadcast” and “playable on demand” (in short: pod). Audio files are playable on demand on the web or as a download. The idea of podcasting originated in the USA in 2004, with the program “Daily Source Code”, by MTV presenter Adam Curry.

The most popular platform for podcasts today is Spotify. More than 4 million different podcasts — ranging from documentaries and news, to true crime and comedy — are available to users in any situation. In terms of content, podcasts are extremely qualitative due to the absence of self-explanatory visuals. Perfect for anyone who wants to improve rhetoric and imagination on the side!

Reflecting our first podcast month

For SQIN, the podcast journey started with creative director and investor of SQIN Thomas Hayo, also known as a former GNTM judge. Since then, we have already had some exciting conversations with interesting guests.

It is a huge enrichment for all of us to talk about important topics in the fields of digital health and beauty. In doing so, we always take the entrepreneurial perspective and discuss not only current events, but also future developments in the industry.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you. Podcasts are a chance for all of us to dive into other people’s thoughts and educate ourselves in a flexible way. It’s no wonder that podcasts are so popular.

Today, on this International Podcast Day, we would like to emphasize once again how useful podcasts are as an information medium: Good that podcasts exist and that SQIN is now an active part of them!

We look forward to future conversations and suggestions from the SQIN community.




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