Seeing Innovation in Action

2 min readFeb 24, 2022

This month we had the pleasure to be part of a delegation trip to the UAE – more precisely to Dubai — with SQIN. Due to a smart Covid policy, Dubai has managed to outpace other startup hotspots worldwide. For that reason, it was a very exciting and impressive trip for us, about which we will tell you more here.

Impressions from the trip to Dubai

In recent months, Dubai has seen the emergence of an immense number of Startup Hubs. There are various districts in the city where innovation is shown live.

Innovation to touch

We visited the Sustainable City, as one of those. Self-sufficient living is being implemented there: with farming, markets, their own energy supply and much more. Other such districts are, for example, the Internet City etc. Here, innovation is no longer something that is always just talked about — it becomes tangible and visible.

Coincidence meetings that matter

Also in other respects, the trip was very special for us. After 2 years of Covid, which means almost exclusively online meetings, it was a great experience to do the opposite for a week. In the beginning, these digital meetings were exciting and great — as they save a lot of effort, in every respect. But in this week we realized once again how valuable it is to meet people in-person: You get to know them in a completely different and more intensive way and also work better together.
An example from our trip: Maria met a great woman, through her another one and now they even started a network together. Such run-ins are rare online!

SQIN at the World Expo

As part of our trip, we also got to present SQIN at the World Expo 2020, in the German Pavilion. That was an amazing experience for us! We are grateful for all the honest and positive feedback we received — not only in the form of the audience prize, but also in person.

A trip to remember

At this point, we want to give a big shout out to Berlin Partner. Not only did they invite a terrific selection of business experts, but more importantly, a smashing bunch of startups. The entrepreneurs were so diverse and all of them really want to make the world a better place. We met people with the same mindset, with whom we then also very quickly grew together in the group and were able to learn from each other.
A real highlight was also the Startupnight. A great event that was simply special, from the location over the organization to the participants.

This trip was definitely one to remember for a long time. We can not wait for everything that awaits us in the future on account of it!




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