IQONIC.AI x QMS Medicosmetics

Reimagine Personalization

2 min readOct 4, 2023

Over the last few months, we have worked closely with QMS Medicosmetics to revolutionize the personalized skin care experience for their customers. We are thrilled to officially announce this collaboration now!
Our partner brand has integrated our technology live on their website: a real-time AI skin analysis with a subsequent product finder for optimal results.

How does the digital skin analysis work?

The power behind the QMS Digital Skin Expert* is one of our AI SaaS modules. Specifically, we use an image analysis algorithm. The technology was developed in collaboration with dermatologists and cosmetic experts based on thousands of anonymized data points. The algorithm examines the uploaded image and recognizes the different areas of the face. The digital skin expert then analyzes and categorizes each area. For example, dry patches, wrinkles or blemishes are detected.
* Link leads to German version

Why is it worth implementing our digital skin analysis for a brand?

The advantages of AI skin analysis are evident:

  1. It is very accurate and can process a lot of information quickly. It recognizes details that the naked eye cannot see.
  2. Artificial intelligence is less prone to error because it always makes objective decisions. Decisions made by humans, on the other hand, depend on various factors such as their own experience, concentration, and other subjective influences. Our results are thoroughly factual.
  3. Based on the results, personalized recommendations for products and treatments can be made directly — exactly according to individual needs. No more test and mispurchases, more happy customers!
  4. The digital analysis does not require an appointment or a physical location to travel to. Instead, the free AI Skin Analysis can be used at any time and from anywhere. That means: immense time savings.

Instead of basing suggestions on other users’ behavior or tying personalization to a new product line, this technology allows us to tailor personalized recommendations directly to the individual’s needs — in connection with the already existing products.

We are very proud to present OSKA and look forward to a great cooperation with QMS!




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