SQIN in the US

On roadshow through the states

3 min readJun 24, 2022

The United States are the “land of unlimited opportunity”. The USA is not only the largest economic power in the world and one of the most extensive and culturally diverse countries. Above all, it also stands for modernity, technology and innovation. Now, the SQIN founding team was on a roadshow through the USA for almost six weeks. Here is what they experienced there.

We met so many people

Starting point: New York

Our journey began in New York. There we started with some workshops: Crisis Management, after a visit to Wall Street, as well as Creativity, Branding & Storytelling.
In addition, after all the positive experiences of the last few years, we finally had the opportunity to visit the German Accelerator New York office.

Onward to Baltimore

Over the last few years, the east coast startup scene grew a lot. It was a great honour to be invited to the Techstars ’22 Demo Day in Baltimore — a city that is really making a difference with its extensive investments in sustainable technologies to combat climate change, but also to support the community, the workforce, and ultimately the economy.
It will be a great success if Techstars continues its outstanding work and extensive investments in a more sustainable future, supporting amazing startups.

Next Stop: Los Angeles

In the city of dreams we had a very special experience: Getting ready for the US health market — in one week!
This week we spent analyzing more than 100 business ideas, talked about the big trends and the market. In LA, healthy lifestyle, food, care and balance are very important to the people. But there are also huge social differences.
As customers are key, we spent days to talk to people, dermatologists and market players: we got a deep dive to the unlimited possibilities of the market.
Another highlight was our visit at Techstars Los Angeles. Here we have once again noticed how relevant and promising the topic of digital health is all over the world. Because for each individual, health is the highest good, which we can improve and destigmatize with new approaches!
On top of that, we had a great photo shoot in LA. But we do not want to reveal too much about it yet…

Finally, into the hotspot of innovation: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley truly has a lot to offer. As a founder, you really feel like this is the place to be!

Did you know that …?

  • Palo Alto’s population has doubled since the 60s and now consists primarily of tech employees
  • the economy of Silicon Valley is larger than that of many countries
  • Silicon Valley hosts more millionaires than any other area in the U.S.
  • the Valley is home to more than 30 companies ranked among the Fortune 1000
  • In Silicon Valley alone, around 720 startups were founded between 2017 and 2021. If San Francisco is included, the number is roughly 1940.

And exactly in this place, which is bursting with innovation and founding spirit, we have experienced such incredible things:

Maria had the great pleasure of recording a new episode of “Phil’s Innovation Shuttle” with Philipp Wehn.
In each episode of this YouTube format, exciting leaders from areas such as New Work, Sustainability or Artificial Intelligence are invited to take a seat in his shuttle — and share their view on innovation.

We attended the Plug and Play Summer Summit in Sunnyvale.
Not only did amazing experts come together there, but above all the program & the exchange around it were a huge success. More than 2,000 people from leading companies and investors were on site. Now, we are even more impressed by Plug and Play and their incredible network!

We can not wait for our next steps in the US market. This journey definitely showed us that the states have a lot to offer for SQIN – and vice versa!




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