More than just free Beauty Products

2 min readSep 22, 2020

After being launched in 2019, SQIN — or, back then, BeQu — has developed continuously. After only a short time, has become aware of us and a little later, they published an article about us.

From today’s point of view, we are super proud what BeQu turned into since. We want to thank the author, Fritz Ramisch, for seeing so much potential in us back then.
But from the present perspective, we need to clarify a few aspects.

Our founders — Martin, Maria and Björn

The first thing that catches the eye is the headline: “Mit BeQu Beautyprodukte umsonst bekommen” (Get free beauty products with BeQu).
Sure, Retention is super important for our app. This is the reason why we implemented free give-aways or, to take up another example from the report, a quiz feature. Nevertheless, there is much more behind SQIN than just free products, discounts or exciting magazine articles. In our app, retail is being completely redefined. Through matching the right people with the right products for the right price, a completely new shopping experience is being created. This paves the way for everyone’s transformation to well-being.

Further, we want to give some more insights into our “not entirely unknown founders team” around Lovoo founder Björn Bak. The names of our other two founders are Martin Pentenrieder and Maria-Liisa Bruckert. Whilst Björn has many years of experience in community building, Martin’s speciality is technology. As the founder of Kraftwerk Inc., a successful fuel cell company, he is especially firm with clean tech. That makes it a special matter of the heart for SQIN to also pay attention to sustainability in our products.

Maria, on the other hand, has successfully helped global player SIEMENS to develop their digital strategy. That makes our power woman become our ace up our sleeve when it comes to linking our products to the digital world.




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