Doctors love SQIN

…because we make them better!

3 min readJul 27, 2022

New technology solutions can only work if they are developed for all stakeholders. That’s exactly what we did with SQIN: we developed our solution for the end customer. With doctors – for doctors! Have we listened to them enough in the process?

Two doctors and a mockup of the doctor’s profile in the SQIN app.

With SQIN, we are addressing all skin-related topics. Of course, this also includes the dermatological aspect. We wanted to create a place where doctors and patients can work together quickly and efficiently — without time or space limits. Because in this way, the dermatological deficiency and the massive shortage of doctors can be addressed with a completely new approach!

With the help of established experts from the field, we have created just such a place. And if this were a pitch, we’d be telling you right now that automated consultation has made it easier than ever to treat people: Doctors can see up to ten times more patients per hour!

But since this is not a pitch, we want to let someone have their say who can judge this even better than we can — one of the dermatologists already using SQIN. Here is his statement:

What do you think about SQIN, as a dermatologist?

“As a local dermatologist, in private practice, I can only help the people who have found their way to me and an appointment with me. At each appointment I bring all my knowledge and experience to find a therapy that helps as quickly and as much as possible — with practical advice on how to implement the therapy and behavior plan, aligned with the patient’s daily life. Until the next appointment, which is usually 2–3 months after the first appointment, I cannot continue to support patients in their treatment.
With SQIN, due to optimized workflows, I can help many more people with their skin problems, regardless of location, and also accompany them during therapy thanks to supportive algorithms and the chat function. This lowers the threshold for a visit to the doctor, and diseases such as skin tumors and dermatological emergencies can be detected and treated earlier, preventing more severe courses.
And even after medical therapy is complete, the support through SQIN remains — for maintaining skin health, as well as for support, further improvement and prevention.”

What do you like about the SQIN app?

“Doctors who hear about online care often worry that apps will one day put them out of work. And anyone who has already made an appointment directly with a specialist can hardly imagine that there are many people who don’t seek medical attention even though they desperately need it — but there are.
The convenient availability of the app and the doctors who work in it, as well as the friendly, appealing design, make access to good medicine easy for these people.
Hurdles such as the white coat effect (fear of doctors), far-away specialist offices, patient admission stops, forever-long waits for appointments, fluctuating quality of medical care due to doctors’ lack of time, and lack of support from family and social circles to carry out therapy all fall away thanks to SQIN.”

We are beyond grateful for this amazing feedback!
So our tip for people who are developing technology to support others: talk to the people you are doing it for and ask them what they really need.




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