World Children’s Day

Celebrating Our Little Ones

3 min readJun 1, 2023

Children’s Day is a joyous occasion that celebrates the happiness, innocence, and well-being of children worldwide. Unfortunately, not every child in the world has the ideal circumstances to grow up happy, healthy and carefree.
That is why we teamed up with our brand partners
Matica, Fit & Alive and Waschies to launch a campaign supporting children around the world. This project is a special one and goes above and beyond, because the goal is to make an actual difference in the lives of children.

A graphic used on Social media for supporting the campaign: “Do good for World Children’s Day! — For every purchase, we donate 1 € to Pure Foundation! — Matica | Fit & Alive | SQIN | waschies | Pure Foundation”

During this campaign, our community was able to purchase products from the participating brands using a specific discount code. For every purchase using the code, 1€ was donated to the Pure Foundation, supporting two main purposes:

1. ALL OUT AFRICA – Here we helped to organise an educational and entertaining day for children. This special event provided an engaging platform for children to learn about the importance of hygiene and skin care practices in a fun and interactive manner. The collaboration with ALL OUT AFRICA ensures that the campaign’s impact extends beyond borders, reaching children in need and fostering a positive change in their lives.

2. SIBLINGS RESIDENTIAL GROUP — The second half of the funds collected during the Children’s Day campaign supports local children in Dresden. Although the environment and a protected childhood are important for a child’s development, not every child can grow up like that. For a variety of unpleasant reasons (including drugs, abuse, mental illness), almost 500 children in Dresden had to be taken into the care of the youth welfare office in 2020. In these cases the youth welfare office seeks to provide a remedy. The siblings residential group by NE is such a place, where the children find protection and grow up together with their siblings lovingly. Currently, 6 children aged 4–10 years live on-site and grow up together. Waiting lists are long — children wait up to 3 years for such a spot.
The house itself is dependent on donations for its diverse and child-friendly operation. That’s why Pure Foundation used the collected money to give the residential group toys and sunscreen for the sunny days ahead.

As the curtains fall on the Children’s Day campaign, our brand partners and each one of you who purchased their products can take pride in the positive impact you all have made on the lives of children. Through our collective efforts, we have left a lasting legacy of compassion, care, and happiness in the hearts of children around the world. THANKS to each and everyone of you!




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